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Mattar Bin Lahej


Mattar Bin Lahej is a self-taught Emirati painter, photographer and sculptor and a designer from Dubai. His distinctive style and creative use of Arabic calligraphy force his art to stand out. Dubbed as the “Man of Steel”, he is one of the most distinguished Emirati artists of our time. Apart from his sculptures that decorate various spots across the UAE and the different parts of overseas countries.

Mattar is a second-generation Emirati artist and original thinker with a distinctive signature to his paintings and a visionary and bold approach to his sculptures. He acquired his style of movement present today in all his artworks through the exploration, understanding and nurturing of different types of Fine Art. This, combined with his uncompromising drive to challenge the status quo, to change the accepted and bring new perspectives to the fore, and so overturn the standard in a compelling way, has enabled his audiences to look at culture, language and form through a new lens.
Mattar’s talent is in delivering creative individuality, not universal solutions to design. He approaches his work from a hands-on, deeply personal craft perspective. Whether using canvas, metal or wood he creates works of art that foster better intellectual and emotional connections between the object and its audience. There is a singularity of purpose in Mattar Bin Lahej’s art that is at the same time deeply human and deeply connecting.