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Redefine The Standards of Ultra-Luxury Living.

Fusion of Art and Opulence

Paulin Tomov is the founder and chairman of PMR, a prestigious Hyper Luxury Real Estate Company based in Dubai. With a remarkable track record of accomplishments in Europe since 2008, where his projects have amassed a collective estimated value exceeding $1 billion dollars, Paulin embarked on a new venture in November 2021.

His vision encompasses the creation of architectural masterpieces that exude sophistication and redefine the standards of ultra-luxury living. To bring these visions to life, PMR Property has formed a collaboration with the renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners. Moreover, these projects will proudly showcase the artistic brilliance of Mattar Bin Lahej, a prominent Emirati artist. With his notable contributions to the awe-inspiring facade of the Dubai Museum of the Future, Mattar Bin Lahej adds an exquisite touch of artistry to PMR’s forthcoming developments.

An exceptional waterfront location sets the stage for the first boutique development, nestled in close proximity to prestigious projects such as Four Seasons Residences and Mr. C Residences. This remarkable site has been designated for the construction of two distinct and independent buildings. Each building will house only six extraordinary mansions, offering an unparalleled level of luxury and a wide range of amenities and services that cater to a truly unique lifestyle for discerning owners.

PMR Property’s unwavering dedication to creating remarkable living spaces ensures that this development will establish a new benchmark for luxury and sophistication in the high-end real estate market.